It’s the main module that forms the structure of the software system.

  • Invoice Tracking
  • General Accounting Integration
  • Fuel pump attendant Shift Accounts
  • Fuel Stocks
  • Staff Cards
  • Cash and Income-Expense Accounts
  • Bank and Check Accounts
  • Current Accounts

Invoice Tracking

The system allows the user to follow the invoice transactions within the program, easily perform any purchase or sale invoice transactions as well as print out the invoices from the printer connected to a computer.

Integration of General Accounting Procedures

The user can easily perform transfer of transactions related to current accounts, invoices, check/promissory notes and cash and bank transactions to the general accounting program and their integration with other systems within the program.

Fuel Pump Attendant Shift Accounts

Site pump automation index reading, manual index entry, cash – on credit – loan slips, shift income – expense, account taking on the basis of island – staff, collections made with vehicle transportation or fleet card, shift interim cashier deliveries, foreign exchange purchase, shift – staff shortage – surplus report, individual or collective reporting of shift totals, graphical analysis of metered sales.

Fuel Stocks

Input – output records and stock analyses, deficiency records, density records, unit price change records, checking of purchase – sale prices, wholesale and fixed pump price definitions, tank liter tracking.

Staff Cards

Management, accounting, pump, market, washing etc. group definitions, advance, shift deficit – surplus, salary accrual, entry-exit follow-up, sales bonuses, tracking market warehouse supervisors, tracking promotion responsibilities.

Cash and Income – Expense Accounts

Main cash of the business, cash in foreign exchange, market, etc. subordinate cash, pump – market shift cash, transfer between cashiers income – expense accounts and tracking, reports, operation, staff, management and loan expenses, shift interim cash deliveries, cash reports.

Bank and Check Accounts

Bank TL and foreign currency account cards, tracking pos slips linked to bank accounts, interbank transfers, transfer, amount deposited – withdrawn, checkbooks, dealer card accounts, portfolio of clearing checks issued, received, issued, tracking escrow check accounts, pos slip transactions (tracking maturity commission).

Current Accounts

Tracking customer card details (single/group), records of debts and receivables, delay interest, tracking by liter/money of receipts on credit, fleet cards, tracking of license plates, account lists, receipt – current account – check – risk, stationary current accounts, list of overdrafts, wholesale and on-credit invoices.