As Petronet Enerji, we care about the energy future of businesses.

➢ For the SPP (Solar Power Plant) projects planned to be built on land or roof, cost and energy analyses are made first with the expert engineer staff of Petronet.

➢ The land or roof where the Solar Power Plant will be installed is examined and surveyed by the Petronet team. The feasibility report is issued in the light of external data collected during the survey, facility as well as electricity consumption details.

➢ During preparation of the feasibility report, monthly, annual and 25-year amount of electricity production are determined by using various design and analysis programs and using the sunshine hour and radiation amount of the respective location. A comparative graph with cost of electricity consumption and planned electricity production is plotted.

➢ The feasibility report issued is presented to the customer. The application process required for the customer to receive a call letter is also managed by Petronet.