It’s the module where market cashier shifts and barcode sales are made.

  • Market Cashier Sales Screen
  • Market Shift Accounts
  • Market Stock List

By this module, managers can concurrently view multiples of the same screen (computerized cash register or manual reader sales) online from the station or remotely on their own computer screen. They can get instant shift sales report and shift cash balance.

Market Stocks

Purchase and sale records and stock analyses, unit price change records; definitions, tracking and transfers of warehouses, wholesale and retail sales price definitions; tracking of auxiliary units (pieces, parcels, kg, cardboard, etc.); definitions and tracking of barcode and auxiliary barcodes.

Market Stock List

With the instant market stock list, stock values are listed based on current stocks, warehouses, purchase-sales prices.

Market Cashier Sales Screen

It’s a system which can open multiple sales screens at the same time (reducing the queue at the cashier and providing fast sales and service) and which allows making sales in different foreign currency units (if daily exchange rate is entered).

Market Shift Accounts

Barcode manual sales, computerized cash register option, cash – on credit – credit card sales, display of product quantities, shift interim cash deliveries, hand terminal/manual counting operations, barcode – shelf label design – printing.